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16th Annual
Atherton High School Hall of Fame Banquet

On Thursday evening, October 5, a roomful of Athertonians, their families and closest friends, celebrated the induction of 9 meritorious inductees to the Atherton High School Hall of Fame. It was the 16th annual Atherton High School Alumni Association Hall of Fame Banquet and Induction Ceremony held at The Olmsted. A cocktail reception kicked off the event highlighted by the well-tuned a cappella singing of the talented Athertones, under the direction of Atherton teacher, Mendy Cumberledge. The induction ceremony was professionally emceed by Rick Van Hoose, a 2004 Atherton Hall of Famer/1979 Atherton graduate and Leesa Mitchell, a 1976 Atherton graduate. They presented Torch awards to the inductees who then gave their respective substantive acceptance speeches. A great night was had by all! The banquet ended on a high note when the Athertones led the singing of “Onward”, Atherton’s alma mater.


2017 Atherton High School Hall of Fame Inductees

James Albus 1953
James Houston Barr III 1960
Ben Daughtrey 1983
Livingston Holder 1974
Heidi Margulis 1971
Dwight Mitchell 1979
Evan Roth 1988
Bruce "Coach" Veneklase 1977-1987
Mike Ward 1969

Dwight Mitchell, Lowell Katz,
Jonathan Bryant (l-r)
Torch photo posters: Heidi Margulis Dwight Mitchell, Evan Roth Atherton Alumni Association display
2017 inductee Dwight Mitchell and his mother, Juanita Mitchell Athertones harmonizing Kevin Collins and Betty Miles
Larry Simon and Marjorie Ash Tom Aberli, Kevin Collins, John Hudson (l-r) Rick Van Hoose and Dwight Mitchell
Hall of Famer Patrick Henry Hughes, Patricia Hughes (mom), John Hudson (l-r) It’s dinner time Matthew Rhinehart, Tom Aberli,
Atherton students
Atherton students dining Republic Bank table Dwight Mitchell table
Bruce Roth, John Ellis,
Roger Kapfhammer (l-r)
Vicky Frank family table Barbara Veneklase, Joe Graffis, Chris Yankee, Debbie Yankee
John Hudson reading the banquet program Judge Geoffrey Morris, Chuck Dobbins, Joey Dobbins, Sharon Zimmerman, Jenny Santoscoy Nelson, Sharon Bellucci (l-r) The Vicky Award recipient Vicky Frank enjoying a good laugh
Emcees Rick Van Hoose and Leesa Mitchell James Beck accepting the Torch Award for Ben Daughtrey Livingston Holder giving his inductee acceptance speech
Leesa Mitchell presenting Evan Roth with his Torch Award Mike Ward accepting his Torch Award from Leesa Mirchell Hall of Famers Betty Miles and
Marjorie Ash
Athertones leading the singing of Atherton’s alma mater Board of Directors member Sandy Callahan joking with Dwight Mitchell, Chuck Dobbins, Lance West (l-r) Lance West, Dwight Mitchell,
Chuck Dobbins
Nick Gardner and Sandy Callahan Hall of Fame Committee members preparing for the night: John Hudson, Michael Ashcraft, Vicky Frank (at table, l-r) ; Kristy Peavey, Chuck Dobbins, Sharon Zimmerman
(standing, l-r)
Torch Photo Posters of the 2017 Hall of Fame inductees
2017 Hall of Fame Inductee Livingston Holder, his wife Juanita and Holder nominator/Atherton classmate
Travis Horton (r-l)
Atherton principals: John Hudson, Stanley Whitaker, Tom Aberli (l-r) 2017 Hall of Fame inductees, inductee representatives, Hall of Famers
Hall of Famer Scott Hoffman making his acquaintance with Hall of Famer Marjorie Ash; also seated: Alan Atherton,
Cary Wisman (l-r)
Tom Aberli and Livingston Holder (l-r) Nick Gardner, president Atherton Alumni Association, setting up the night
James Barr and Dwight Mitchell table Tom Aberli speaking on Atherton Today Emcees Leesa Mitchell and Rick Van Hoose getting ready for the ceremony
Roger Kapfhammer accepting Torch Award for James Albus from Leesa Mitchell James Houston Barr III with his Torch Award and presenter Kristy Paavey Livingston Holder with his Torch Award and presenter Kristy Peavey
Larry Simon accepting Torch Award for Heidi Margulis from Leesa Mitchell Dwight Mitchell holding his Torch Award and presenter Kristy Peavey Barabara Veneklase accepting Torch Award on behalf of Bruce Veneklase and presenter Kristy Peavey
2017 inductees, inductee representatives, emcees-end of ceremony
  2002-2017 Hall of Fame Inductees attending 16th annual Hall of Fame Banquet
Seated (l-r) Patrick Henry Hughes, Dwight Mitchell, Paul Schuhmann, Mike Ward, Betty Miles,
Barbara Veneklase for Bruce Veneklase, Livingston Holder,
Ben Rogers, Marjorie Ash, Evan Roth
Middle Row (l-r) Sandy Callahan, John Ellis, James Barr III, James Beck for Ben Daughtrey, Scott Hoffman,
Jonathan Bryant, Lance West, Geoffrey Morris
Top Row (l-r) John Hudson, David Burks, Chuck Dobbins, Kevin Collins,
Nick Gardner, Rick Van Hoose Not pictured: James Albus, Heidi Margulis