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Atherton High School Alumni Association
"Hall of Fame"
Deadline: Due by April 23 of each year
…all nominees must have demonstrated the highest levels of
Integrity, Character and Scholarship, Service and Self-Respect…

Please complete all sections of the form in order to be considered for nomination.

Please print legibly.
  If you have any questions regarding the Hall of Fame Nomination process, please contact Courtland Rose at

You may download a printable version of the Nomination Form Here  and mail it with any additional supporting documents to:

Atherton High School Alumni Association
c/o Atherton High School
3000 Dundee Road
Louisville, KY 40205

or you may complete the form and submit it electronically below.
  or email to:
  Note: Please refer to Eligibility and Instructions information below. You may submit up to 10 additional pages of supporting documentation, in addition to this form, on 8 ½” x 11” paper, size 10 font or larger. Please note that the best way to get the person you are nominating selected for the Hall of Fame is to provide as much information as possible. Newspaper articles with photos, resumes, information from the Internet and input from classmates that is documented and verifiable are excellent examples of what we’re looking for. Submit other documents along with this form. To view nomination samples from previous inductees, click on Nomination Samples below.
  J M Atherton Nomination Sample      Harry Mobley Nomination Sample
Name of Nominee:  
Address of Nominee:
  Zip Code:
  Email Address:
  Year Graduated:
Phone (Business):
Home or Cell Phone:
*Honors, awards, recognition, special achievements, etc. of nominee while at Atherton:
*List of accomplishments of nominee since graduation from Atherton High School: higher education, professional/business, civic/community, religious, political, military, leadership, athletics, volunteer service, books/articles published, artwork created, etc.
Nominated By:
Nominator’s Address:
Zip Code:
Nominator’s Email:
Phone (Business):
Home or Cell Phone:
Eligibility for Induction into Atherton High School Alumni Association Hall of Fame:

Those selected to join the Atherton High School Alumni Association Hall of Fame must have met one or more of the following criteria:

• Must be a graduate of Atherton High School (unless the AHS graduate left school early to attend college).
• Must have graduated from high school at least 10 (ten) years ago.
• Demonstrated outstanding success in academics, athletics or leadership while enrolled at Atherton.
• Made an outstanding contribution to the students and staff of Atherton as a teacher, coach, administrator or as a member of the community.
• Demonstrated a recognizable degree of proficiency in these areas after graduation from Atherton.

• Any alumnus or friend of Atherton may submit a name for nomination. Self-nomination is acceptable.
• An official nomination form must be completely filled out for each nominee and emailed or postmarked by April 30 of each year to be considered for induction.

Once the nomination form is received, all actions necessary to the selection process will remain confidential. All submitted nominations will be retained by the Alumni Association, and all nominations will automatically be considered for up to three (3) consecutive years. All nominees, living or deceased, will be considered.

If you have any questions regarding the Hall of Fame Nomination process, please contact Courtland Rose at Courtland Rose.